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Application access settings

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Application access settings

Application access settings determine whether one application can access resources from another application.

Application access settings are similar to access controls (ACLs) in that they allow you to restrict access to certain resources, but instead of restricting tables and records from users they restrict applications resources from other applications.

Application designers can configure the following application access settings for the entire application.
  • Specify whether cross-scope tables can be selected during design-time activities.
  • Specify when cross-scope scripts can run on application resources.
  • Specify what JavaScript standard the application supports.
Application developers can also configure application access settings for individual tables.
  • Specify whether the table is available to other application scopes.
  • Specify what runtime operations from other application scopes the table supports.
  • Specify whether the table can be selected during design-time activities.
  • Specify whether the table can be accessed from web services.