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Schedule automated test suite

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Schedule automated test suite

You can schedule one or more test suites to run at a specific date and time.

Before you begin

Role required: atf_test_admin or atf_test_designer.

You must have created the test suites you want to schedule.

About this task

To schedule a test suite, you need three components:
  • a test suite record
  • a schedule record specifying when you want the system to run the test suite
  • a scheduled suite run record that associates the test suite to run with the schedule for running it
For more information about the capabilities of and requirements for scheduled test suites, see Working with scheduled test suites.


  1. Navigate to Automated Test Framework > Schedules.
    The system displays the list of existing test suite schedules.
  2. To create a new schedule, click New.
    The system displays the Suite Schedule record form.
  3. On the Suite Schedule record form, enter the name of the schedule, the frequency with which to run associated suites, the time at which to run associated suites, and the timezone for this schedule.
  4. To specify a condition that must be met for running associated test suites, check Conditional, then fill in the Condition text box with the appropriate script.
  5. To add a test suite to run, navigate to the Scheduled Suites related list, then click New.
    The system displays Scheduled Suite Run record form.
  6. On the Scheduled Suite Run record form enter the appropriate data.
    1. Enter the test suite to run
    2. If the suite contains UI steps, enter any client constraints you wish to apply (such as browser to use). For more information on client constraints, see Scheduled Suite Run.
    3. Add to the record's watchlist users you want the system to inform (by email) when the scheduled suite has finished
    4. Click Submit
  7. To add more test suites to this schedule, repeat Steps 5 and 6.
  8. Click Update.
  9. If your suite includes any test steps that work with a form – or any other element on the client side – follow these steps to open a browser window for running the client portion of the scheduled tests.
    1. Review Browser recommendations and requirements for all tests and suites as well as those that apply only to scheduled suite runs.
    2. In the Navigator, right-click Scheduled Client Test Runner then click the option to open in a separate tab or window, as you prefer.
    3. Leave open the browser window that's running the client test runner and return to the browser window that contains the Navigator.