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Steps Results record

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Steps Results record

The Step Results record contains information about one step in a test result.

Table 1. Fields
Field / Element Description
Status The result of the test or suite execution:
  • success - test or suite passed
  • failure - test or suite failed
  • waiting - test or suite is waited to start
  • running - test or suite is running
  • skipped - occurs if an earlier test in the suite failed and Abort on failure is set to true.
  • error - an error occurred in the test framework, for example, the test runner halted or the server encountered an unintended scenario. The error message appears in the summary field of the steps results record for the step that threw the error.
  • canceled - user canceled the test or suite
Type The type of test result item: Step Result or Client Log.
Summary Contains a summarized version of the output field. If the step threw an error, contains a detailed exception/error message.

For a Send REST Request - Inbound step, the request endpoint and response code.

Output For a Step Result, the outputs from the step, including any explanation why a step failed or was skipped.

For a Client Log, the log entry.

For a Send REST Request - Inbound step, the REST request and response including the response body. The output field is truncated at 4096 characters.

The REST request and response headers are filtered to prevent sensitive information from being added to the log. A filtered header text is replaced with the text "Header redacted for security."

See Filter REST request and response headers for information on how to add a list of REST request and response headers to be filtered.

For additional console logging and test execution information for a test step, see Test Logs record.
Step The name of the step executed. [May be blank for a client log.]
Description For a Step Result, the actions performed. For a Client Log, blank.
Start Time The time this step or log entry started.
End Time The time this step or log entry was completed.
Duration The duration between the Start Time and End Time.
Step Transactions (related list) Contains a record for each transaction (from the system transaction log [syslog_transaction] related to this record.