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Form test step: Click a UI Action

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Form test step: Click a UI Action

Clicks a UI Action on the current form.

When this step runs, the system performs the action normally activated by that control. It also validates that the current form contains the control and that the control is visible and enabled. To run this step, your test must have already opened a form using either the Open a New Form or Open an Existing Record step. In addition, your test cannot run this step after a Submit Form or Click a UI Action step.
In the Jakarta release, this step does not support UI actions of type Form context menu.
Note: Do not write tests that depend on the system displaying a specific page after executing Submit a Form or Click a UI Action. After these test steps, the system returns to the page that was open before the form was opened. The test cannot determine what that page was, so writing a test that expects a particular page can lead to unpredictable results.
Table 1. Fields
Field Description
Execution Order An integer specifying the order in which this step executes.

As you create steps, the system automatically assigns each step an incremental value. This causes the test to execute steps in the order in which you created them. You can change this default order by editing the Execution Order values.

Active If this step is active true. Otherwise, false.
Application The application scope in which the system will run this step.
Test (Read only.) The test to which this step belongs.
Step config (Read only.) The test step for this form.
Table The table containing the UI Action to click.
UI Action The UI Action to click.
Assert Choose how submitting a form affects if this test passes or fails.
  • Test passes only if form is submitted
  • Test passes only if form submission is canceled
  • Test passes in both of the above cases
Table 2. Outputs
Field Description
table The table for the form that contains this UI action.
record The sys_id of the record on which the action was clicked.