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Add a task to a flexible or guided board

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Add a task to a flexible or guided board

You can add cards directly to a flexible or guided board lane. These cards represent records on whichever table the board is associated with.

Before you begin

Role required: none


  1. In a lane header, click the lane menu (Lane menu icon) and select Add Task. Alternatively, click Add Task at the bottom of a lane.

    A pop-up window appears with a new record. Fields are populated based on any filter conditions for the board and, for guided boards, the lane you add the card to.

    Consider the example of a guided board that shows incidents with the Software category, with a lane for each assignee. If you add a card to the ITIL User lane, the new incident record Category and Assigned to fields are automatically set to Software and ITIL User.

  2. Complete the form and click Submit.
    A new task card appears in the lane.