Comparison of List v2 and List v3

There are several differences between List v2 and List v3.

List v2 is the default version of lists and is supported in all versions of the UI. Users with the admin role can activate List v3, which is supported in UI16 only. Even when List v3 is activated, some UI16 lists may display in List v2. For details, see List v3 compatibility.

List v3 performance is different from performance in List v2. Based on your instance configuration and the complexity of the query, List v3 may load records more slowly than List v2.

Visual differences between v2 and v3 lists

If you are unsure whether a list is v2 or v3, look for the following identifiers.
  • The personalize list gear icon appears in the upper left corner of v2 lists. The personalize list option is located in the List title menus.
  • Page controls appear in the list title bar of v2 lists.
  • The list mode toggle appears in the list title bar of v3 lists. You can switch between the standard list mode, called Grid mode, and a Split list and form mode.
  • Avatars appear by user names in v3 lists.
  • Page controls appear in a footer at the bottom of the page for v3 lists.
  • The response time indicator does not appear on the bottom, right of v3 lists. You can create a property to display the response time in milliseconds (ms) on the lower left in the List v3 footer.
Figure 1. List v2 identifiers
In List v2, the personalize list icon appears in the upper left corner of the list and the page controls are in the list title bar
Figure 2. List v3 identifiers
In List v3, the list mode toggle appears in the list title bar, avatars appear by user names, and a footer appears at the bottom of the page

List features

Most List v2 features are supported in List v3 as well, with the following exceptions.

Table 1. Features that are not supported in List v3
Feature Details
Hierarchical lists Tables that have hierarchical lists enabled display in List v2.
Embedded lists Embedded lists display in List v2.
Customizing list title or list column heading menus Options added to list context menus using the Context Menu [sys_ui_context_menu] table do not appear in List v3. Because it is only possible to customize the list title menu or list column heading menu by editing records on the Context Menu table, it is not possible to customize these menus in List v3. Administrators can customize list field menu options by editing UI actions.
Detail rows Detail rows do not appear in List v3.
Pop-up form editing Holding the Shift key while clicking the reference icon in List v3 opens the standard record preview. Holding the Shift key while clicking a field link in List v3 opens the associated record in a new window or tab.
Composite fields Links do not display in composite fields, and the different field values may appear on the same line in List v3.
Limiting access to list column personalization Administrators cannot disable list column personalization or control which user roles can personalize list columns in List v3.
Administering certain list editor capabilities Administrators cannot configure which field types are editable and cannot enable single-click list editing for v3 lists. In List v3, the list editor enforces UI policies and mandatory dictionary attributes.
Configuring when related lists load When List v3 is enabled for related lists, all related lists load asynchronously after the form loads, even if there are no v3 related lists on the form.
Creating default filters for related lists The Set as Default Filter button is not available in the filter interface for v3 related lists.