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Change a hashtag name and merge a hashtag

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Change a hashtag name and merge a hashtag

Over time, users may create many hashtags with similar names, such as competitive, competitor, and competition. To combine hashtags for better searching and filtering, change the names of similar hashtags to a standard name.

About this task

Administrators can restrict who can rename hashtags.


  1. Navigate to Collaborate > Live Feed.
  2. Click Hashtags in the sidebar to reveal the currently defined hashtags.
  3. Turn off the filter to show all hashtags.
  4. Point to the hashtag you want to change. If you have the rights to edit hashtags, an edit tag (Pencil) appears.
  5. Click the edit tag icon.
    Figure 1. Edit tag
    Edit tag
  6. Enter a new hashtag name.
  7. Press Enter.
    • If the new name is different than the other hashtags, the new hashtag name replaces the old hashtag name on the list and in the text of any messages that include the hashtag.
    • If the name is the same as one of the existing hashtags, the hashtags will be merged. For example, if you have two hashtags called Competitive and Competitors, and you change the name of Competitors to Competitive, all of the messages previously tagged Competitors are changed to Competitive and the Competitors hashtag is removed.
    Note: If a hashtag is removed from the message, renaming that hashtag does not change the message text.