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The GlideAjax class allows the execution of server-side code from the client. GlideAjax calls pass parameters to the script includes, and, using naming conventions, allows the use of these parameters.

Note: This functionality requires a knowledge of JavaScript.
Using GlideAjax:
  • Initialize GlideAjax with the name of the script include that you want to use.
  • When creating the script include, you must set the name field to be exactly the same as the class name.
  • When creating the script include, you must select the Client callable check box.
  • Specify the parameter sysparm_name. GlideAjax uses sysparm_name to find which function to use.
  • Any extra parameters may be passed in, all of which must begin with sysparm_. Avoid using predefined parameter names:
    • sysparm_name
    • sysparm_function
    • sysparm_value
    • sysparm_type
  • Code is then executed with the getXML() or getXMLWait() functions.

For additional information on GlideAjax, refer to GlideAjax in the development portal.