Available methods associated with the g_chat variable

The g_chat variable is a legacy chat window object that is available in the Client Show Condition and OnClick Action Script of a chat action definition.

Method Summary

The following table defines the available methods associated with this object.

Return Object Details
Array getActiveUsers()

Returns the active users.


Array - Returns the active users.

String getChannelJID()

Returns the channel JID, which is a sys_id for a record chat_channel table.


String - Returns the channel JID.

String getChatType()

Determines the chat window type.


String - Returns one of the following values that specifies the type of user:

  • queue_agent: Help Desk Chat support agent
  • queue_user: Help Desk Chat end user
  • group_chat: The individual is a member of a chat room (multiple users)
  • conversation: The individual is a member in a private chat with another user
String getChatQueueAgent()

Returns the sys_id for agent that is administering this thread.


String - Returns the sys_id of the chat queue agent.

String getChatQueueUser()

Returns the sys_id for end user of the chat queue.


String - Returns the sys_id of the chat queue user.

String getThreadID()

Returns the thread ID. This returns the same value as g_chat.getChannelJID().getID().


String - Returns the thread ID.