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Create a Workday email trigger

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Create a Workday email trigger

An email trigger runs an Employee Orchestration workflow when a specific value appears in a Workday notification subject line.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

An email trigger must match the appropriate subject line of an onboarding Workday notification. For example, you can create a trigger that launches the User Provisioning workflow when the ServiceNow instance receives a notification with Workday Notification - Employee Hired in the subject line.


  1. Navigate to Employee Orchestration > Email triggers and click New.
  2. In the Email Subject Line field, enter the content of a Workday notification subject line that you want to use to trigger the User Provisioning workflow.
  3. Select a Notification Type of Onboard.
    Figure 1. Workday email trigger
    Workday email trigger
  4. Click Submit.