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Configure the Application Administrator role on the SCCM server

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Configure the Application Administrator role on the SCCM server

To deploy software using ServiceNow® Client Software Distribution (CSD), ensure that an SCCM administrative user has the correct permissions to deploy software and that PowerShell is properly configured.

Before you begin

SCCM role required: Application Administrator

About this task

These instructions are for Microsoft 2012 R2 Server.


  1. In the System Center Configuration Manager console, navigate to Administration > Security > Administrative Users.
  2. Right-click the user to whom you want to grant the Application Administrator role.
  3. Select Properties from the drop-down menu.
  4. In the Properties dialog box, select the Security Roles tab.
  5. Ensure that the user has the Application Administrator role.
  6. If the user does not already have this role, click Add, select this role from the list, and click OK.
    Figure 1. Granting the Application Administrator role on the SCCM server
    Granting the deployment role on the SCCM server
  7. Log into SCCM as the user with the Application Administrator role.
  8. Open the menu from the upper left corner of the console and select Connect via Windows PowerShell.
    Figure 2. Connect to PowerShell
  9. Ensure that the user can access the CM console.
    This action establishes the environment path to PowerShell for the logged in Application Administrator user.