Workflow process for SCCM deployment

Ordering an SCCM application from a client software distribution (CSD) catalog item in the service catalog triggers the Order Client Software workflow.

This process deploys an SCCM application to a user or device through a service catalog order:
  1. If the Skip approval check box is cleared in the software catalog item, the Order Client Software workflow sends the catalog request to the requesting user's manager for approval.
  2. If the Check license compliance check box is selected in the software catalog item, the workflow performs a software license check. If there is no license available, the workflow creates a catalog task to procure more licenses and assigns the task to the Client Software Distribution Administrators group.
  3. The Order Client Software workflow triggers the Deploy SCCM Application workflow as a subflow. This workflow adds either the user or the device to the SCCM collection using the Add to User Collection or Add to Device Collection SCCM activity.