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Orchestration activities

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Orchestration activities

Orchestration activities perform these automated tasks when added to a workflow.

Orchestration automates simple or complex, multi-system tasks on remote servers that are normally done manually.

For instructions on using activities to construct a workflow, see Add an activity to a workflow.

Workflow designers can construct custom activities using the Orchestration activity designer. Activities created by the activity designer can:
  • Be uploaded and shared in the ServiceNow App Store.
  • Parse data from standard input formats.
  • Share data between activities.
  • Use versioning.
Note: A number of activities have been converted to use the new template format and databus offered with the activity designer. These custom activities are organized into activity packs that are easier to use than their legacy counterparts and do not require scripting. Workflows in upgraded instances that use legacy activities will continue to work normally. However, all new workflows must use activities from the activity packs.