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View Legacy Notify conference calls

View Legacy Notify conference calls

Applications that use Notify, such as incident alert management, can launch and maintain conference calls between involved parties.

Before you begin

Role required: notifynow_admin

About this task

Note: This content applies only to the Legacy Notify application, available prior to the Geneva release. For information about the Notify application available starting with Geneva, see Notify.


  1. Navigate to Notify > Conference Calls.
    You can also access conference call information from the relevant record, such as the Conference Calls related list in an incident alert record.
  2. Click a conference call in the list to view details.
    Figure 1. Notify Conference Call Details
  3. Click the arrow beside the check box to expand a Participant entry.
    This shows participant session information, including details of the conference calls that the participant has been involved in.
  4. Click a Participant name to see more detailed information about that participant.
    Figure 2. Notify Conference Call Participant Details