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Set MID Server thread use

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Set MID Server thread use

If the MID Server is running on a host containing many other programs that must compete for CPU time, fewer threads than the default of 25 might be necessary.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

You can set the MID Server to use as few as 5 threads without issues. If the MID Server needs more speed, and the host is powerful enough or lightly loaded with other programs, raise the thread setting. The thread limit depends on the hardware and the operating system of the host. You might have to experiment to find the optimal value for your situation. The following general observations may be useful:
  • Most MID Server tasks require file handles to do their job.
    • Windows: On the Windows operating system, file handles are available in a fixed quantity. If you configure too many MID Server threads on a Windows host, the MID Server can consume all the file handles before approaching maximum CPU usage. This situation appears as an Out of file handles error in the MID Server log and indicates that the MID Server is trying to use too many threads.
    • UNIX and Linux: UNIX and Linux hosts have a much different scheme for allocating file handles. Generally, you can increase MID Server thread use on these operating systems until the CPU of the host is overloaded. See your OS documentation for monitoring CPU usage.
  • Each thread on the MID Server requires some memory. Exactly how much memory varies considerably from task to task and depends on the equipment being discovered. To increase the number of threads, you might have to increase the amount of memory that Java uses. If you configure insufficient memory, an Out of memory error appears in the MID Server log.

Follow the steps below to change the config.XML file. Alternatively, use the threads.max connection parameter.


  1. Open the \agent\config.xml file using any text editor.
  2. Locate the following lines:
    <!-- MID Server Threads --><parameter name="threads.max" value="25"/>
  3. Edit the value. Keep in mind the cautions described above.
  4. Save the record.
  5. Restart the MID Server service.