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Install multiple MID Servers on a single system

Install multiple MID Servers on a single system

You can install multiple MID Servers on the same host computer.

Before you begin

Role required: admin, mid_server

About this task

You can install multiple MID Servers on a single host or on a virtual machine using either Linux or Windows. Installing multiple MID Servers may involve other setup steps depending on your network configuration.


  1. Log in to the host system or virtual machine where you want to install multiple MID Servers.
  2. Create a directory for each MID Server on the top level of the drive.

    Make sure you create a unique and descriptive name for each MID Server, such as MIDServer_SMS_Int or MIDServer_Disc1.

  3. Extract the downloaded MID Server archive file into each MID Server directory.
    When the extract completes, there should be a directory path that resembles the following for each MID Server. For example, ServiceNow<MID Server name>\agent.
  4. For each MID Server, run the installer appropriate to the host's operating system.
    Table 1. MID Server installers
    Operating System Installer path
    Windows /agent/installer.bat
    Linux /agent/
  5. Use the installer to enter the following information.
    • URL to your instance
    • User credentials to run the MID Server
    • Proxy server connection details
    • MID server name
    • MID server service wrapper name and display name (Windows systems only)
    Note: The MID Server user must have the mid_server role.
  6. From the installer, click Start MID Server.

    The local host starts the MID Server.
  7. Click Mid Servers List Page.
    The installer opens the MID Server list from your instance.
  8. Select the MID Server name from the list.
    Note: It may take a few seconds for the MID Server time to establish a connection with your instance.
    The system displays the MID Server record.
  9. From Related Links, click Validate.
    The MID Server Validated changes to Yes.