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MID Server capabilities

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MID Server capabilities

MID Server capabilities define the specific functions of a MID Server within an IP address range.

Several applications, such as Discovery, Service Mapping, and Orchestration can use capabilities, IP ranges, and the supported application to narrow the pool of MID Servers it uses. At least one capability is required for each MID Server used by Orchestration. See Orchestration MID Servers for more information.

The following capabilities are available by default with Discovery:

  • SSH
  • SNMP
  • VMware
  • PowerShell
  • WMI
  • SOAP
  • REST
  • JDBC
  • Resolve DNS
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Cloud Management
  • All

MID Server capability values

Capabilities provided in the base system do not have a defined Value string. A MID Server configured to use a capability that has no Value can locate any device using that capability's protocol. If a capability has a defined value, the MID Server using that capability finds only those devices using that protocol that match the value string exactly. The exception to this is the Resolve DNS capability, which is configured to resolve any DNS name into an IP address using a partial string match.

Scripted MID Server capability value matching

You can use value tests to create capabilities that find devices using values without requiring exact string matching. Action on these values is controlled by a user-defined script.

The Resolve DNS capability is provided in the base system and is configured to resolve DNS names into IP addresses for devices whose names end with a specified domain name. The capability Value entered is automatically prefaced with a dot during processing to match domain syntax. This value can contain one or more sub-domains, but must include the end of the domain string. Matching devices must end with the identical syntax. The script for the Resolve DNS capability determines if a device name matches the criteria defined by Value . If a match exists, the platform performs the address resolution automatically. For example, if the value for the Resolve DNS capability is, the MID Server with this capability finds and If the value is changed to, then the MID Server finds only lnxlab01.

Note: If Value in the Resolve DNS capability is blank, then all domains match.

To view the script for evaluating this capability, navigate to MID Server > Capability Value Tests and select Resolve DNS from the list.