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MID Server installation

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MID Server installation

The installation of the MID Server requires you to satisfy certain connection prerequisites and create a MID Server user before you download and install the MID Server service on a host machine.

You can perform the installation prerequisites and install the MID Server manually or use the MID Server Guided Setup utility, which streamlines the entire process and allows you to set up a basic MID Server quickly.

The manual process requires these setup tasks, performed in the order shown here:
  1. Configure communication between the MID Server and the instance on the appropriate port and enable required web services. See Configure MID Server connection prerequisites for details.
  2. Create the MID Server user and grant that user the mid_server role.
  3. Download the installer file for the host machine.
  4. Install the MID Server on a Linux or Windows host.
  5. Test the MID Server connection to the instance.
  6. Validate the MID Server to ensure that it is trusted to access credentials used by the instance for automations.
  7. Configure MID Server parameters, which control several aspects of MID Server functionality, including proxy servers, debugging, and upgrade.