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Select user criteria for an article

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Select user criteria for an article

You can specify user criteria for an article to control which users can read the article.

About this task

If an article has no user criteria selected, the article is available to all users who have access to that knowledge base (based on the user criteria for the knowledge base). Knowledge base user criteria restrictions override article-level user criteria. For example, a knowledge base that is configured to restrict user access overrides any access granted at the article level.

On the article level, if Can read user criteria is defined, only those users specified can read the article. If an article has Cannot read user criteria defined, those users specified are denied reading the article. Cannot read user criteria overrides Can read user criteria for articles.


  1. Navigate to Self-Service > My Knowledge Articles.
  2. Select an article.
  3. Select the desired user criteria for the Can Read and Cannot Read fields.
    Field Description
    Can Read Users who meet one of these criteria can read the article.
    Cannot Read Users who meet one of these criteria are denied reading the article (regardless of the Can Read setting for the user).
    Note: If the Can Read and Cannot Read fields are not visible, add the fields to the form by configuring the form layout (click the form context menu icon and select Configure > Form Layout).


Knowledge base level Article level Results
Access Read
Contribute Read cantRead canRead
Yes N/A N/A N/A User -> Read
No No N/A N/A User -> Denied Read
Yes empty empty User -> Read
empty User Only User -> Read
User empty User -> Denied Read
User User User -> Denied Read
Note: When article-level read access is assigned to an article, only the user who belongs to that particular user criteria can read the article. Other users are restricted.