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Migrating Knowledge access controls

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Migrating Knowledge access controls

Access to knowledge articles is controlled based on the user criteria for the knowledge base.

Important: If you do not migrate existing knowledge ACLs to user criteria, users may be unable to access knowledge articles, or may be able to access restricted articles.

User criteria records, rather than ACLs, control basic create, read, update, and delete operations for knowledge articles as well as which search results appear. This may lead to unexpected behavior if your configuration depends on ACLs to control access.

To ensure users are able to access the correct knowledge articles, migrate any ACL-based security settings to user criteria. This process may include creating additional knowledge bases and moving existing content to these knowledge bases, depending on your security model. For a detailed explanation and migration examples, refer to KB0550924 Understanding User Criteria and ACLs in Knowledge v3.

This video demonstrates how to manage article-level access controls during migration from Knowledge Management v2 to v3.