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Set up domain separation for MID servers

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Set up domain separation for MID servers

Set up domain separation through the MID server user role and the MID Server configuration file.

Before you begin

Role required: admin, agent_admin


  1. Configure a MID Server user within a specified domain with the proper mid_server role.
  2. Specify this user within the MID Server config.xml file. When you set the MID Server user credentials in the config.xml file, make sure they are in the proper domain.


When the MID Server connects to the instance, the MID Server record is created in the proper domain.

What to do next

If you must change the MID Server domain:
  1. Stop the MID Server and delete the ecc_agent record.
  2. Update the MID Server config.xml with the new user in the new domain and restart the MID Server service.
If you need to create versions of specific MID Server files that only MID Servers in your domain can use:
  1. Open or create a record in one of these MID Server modules:
    • SNMP MIBs
    • JAR Files
    • Script Files
  2. Update an existing domain policy or submit a new record. The system overrides the global domain configuration with your domain and saves a new copy of the record. The MID Servers in your domain can only access records in the global domain and records overridden by your specific domain.
    Note: Attachments on MIB or JAR file records might not appear as they did in a non-domain separated environment. This occurs because the Attachments [sys_attachment] table is data separated. When data is separated between domains, a record in a child domain cannot access records in a parent domain.