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Create an ECC Queue message

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Create an ECC Queue message

One of the capabilities of the MID Server is to be able to send remote commands through the MID Server to the hosting device, and then gather the response.

About this task

This feature enables an administrator to issue remote commands directly from the ECC Queue without running Discovery.


  1. Navigate to Discovery > Outputs and Artifacts > ECC Queue.
  2. Click New.
  3. Create a message with the following settings:
    • Agent: The name of the MID Server that executes the command
    • Topic: Command
    • Name: The actual command that you want to process. For Windows, this is expressed in a DOS command line structure. For Linux, the structure could be a bash command line entry.
    • Queue: Output
    • Payload: With proper XML tags, you can specify the command here instead of in the Name field. The advantage to this is that the command is not restricted by the Name field length of 120 characters. Use the following XML format for the command:
         <parameter name="name" value="ACTUAL_COMMAND_LINE"/>


The MID Server takes the XML entry in the ECC Queue and processes the command-line call locally. The STDOUT is returned to the ECC Queue as an Input queue entry.
Note: The command specified through the Payload field takes precedence over the command specified in the Name field.