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Configure CMDB Health metrics aggregation preferences

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Configure CMDB Health metrics aggregation preferences

Sub-metrics health scorecards are aggregated into their respective parent metric, which in return are aggregated into the overall CMDB Health report. Set metric aggregation preferences for the parent metrics, and for each of their sub-metrics, deactivate metrics that you are not interested in reporting, and adjust weighted averages of aggregation.

Before you begin

To start collecting and reporting CMDB health metrics, you must first enable and configure the CMDB health dashboard jobs.

Role required: itil_admin (on top of itil)

About this task

The completeness metric for example, consists of the sub-metrics required fields and recommended fields, each contributing a different weight to the sum. You can configure the proportional weight of required fields and recommended fields within completeness to be 25 and 75 respectively. You can also configure the proportional weight of completeness, compliance and correctness within the aggregated sum of the overall CMDB health.

Note: Non-active metrics are displayed on the CMDB dashboard in faded coloring, displaying the most recent aggregations that were calculated when the metric was active.

If Domain Support - Domain Extensions is activated, then you can configure health metric settings per domain.

In the ServiceNow base system, the weights of the main metrics have default settings, and each sub-metric is globally set.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > Health Properties.
  2. Select Health Metrics on the right-hand side navigator.
  3. Expand Select Metric and select one of the main metrics such as Completeness, or a sub-metric.
    For Completeness, Compliance and Correctness:
    Field Description
    Active Activate the metric to include it in the aggregated CMDB health report.
    Weighted Averages Specify the weight of each sub-metric in the aggregated health report for the metric. The sum of weighted averages for all sub-metrics should be 100.
    For a sub-metric:
    Field Description
    Active Activate the metric so it is included in the aggregated health report for the respective metric.
    Create Task If a record fails the metric test, create a task with details about the failure. You can then view the task on the CI dashboard, and configure remediation for the task.
    Failure Threshold When the threshold number of CIs that fail the health metric test is reached, health processing stops for the metric for this cycle.
    Task Assignee Group An assignment group for the task.
  4. Click Save.