Configure CMDB health scorecard thresholds

Configure the thresholds for best, at risk and critical state definitions for the CMDB health metrics scorecards. You can configure these settings globally for the entire CMDB, or individually per class.

Before you begin

Role required: itil_admin (on top of itil)

About this task

Adjust scorecard thresholds to reflect the range of failures that should be used for each health state.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > CI Class Manager.
  2. In the CI Class Manager expand the Class Hierarchy:
    • To configure thresholds for the completeness, correctness and compliance parent metrics, select the top-level Configuration Item class. When you select the top-level Configuration Item class, threshold settings to any scorecard apply to the entire class hierarchy.
    • To configure thresholds for a specific class, select that class from the list.
  3. Check Advanced on the right-hand side bar. Click Correctness and all other strip headers to display all scorecards.
  4. Select a scorecard such as Required Fields Scorecard or CMDB Correctness Scorecard.
  5. Double-click the metric for the cmdb_ci class, or click New to create scorecard thresholds only for the selected class.
    If you select the global metric for the cmdb_ci class, the threshold setting will apply to the entire class hierarchy.
  6. Slide the threshold sliders, or enter specific numbers to increase or to decrease the threshold bars to fit your definitions for best, at risk, and critical levels for the scorecard.
  7. Click Save.