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Apply CMDB remediation

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Apply CMDB remediation

Manually initiate a workflow to remediate a CI that failed a CMDB health test. For example, you can remediate CIs that are orphan or stale.

Before you begin

To manually apply a CMDB remediation, a CMDB remediation rule must exist, in which Execution is set to Manual.

Role required: itil_admin


  1. Navigate to Configuration > CMDB Dashboard.
  2. Click on the metric tile that is associated with the remediation that you want to apply. For example, to remediate an orphan CI, click the Completeness tile.
  3. In the detailed report, scroll to the CMDB Health Results list. In the Task column, select the task that is associated with the CI that you want to remediate.
  4. On the task form, click Remediate.
  5. In the Run Remediations dialog box, select the remediation rule that you want to apply.
    The list of remediation rules is based on the type of health metric (such as orphan, stale), and on the filter defined in the rule.
  6. Click Execute.