Show CI Lifecycle Management details for CMDB group CIs

Display CI Lifecycle Management operational state and CI actions that apply to the CIs that are members of a CMDB group.

About this task

If the CMDB group is based on a CMDB query, then the query runs in real-time and displays the resulting CIs. If the query does not complete successfully due to timing out or for other reasons, then appropriate error messages are displayed.


  1. Navigate to Configuration > CMDB Groups.
  2. On the CMDB Groups page, click on a CMDB group.
  3. Click Show All CI.
    Field Description
    Configuration Item CI group member.
    Class Class of CI group member.
    Operational Status CI Lifecycle Management operational state of the CI such as 'Repair in Progress' or 'Operational'. Possible operational states are defined in the choice list of the Operational status field in the cmdb_ci table.
    Actions CI Lifecycle Management actions that apply to the CI such as 'Cloning' and 'Provision'. Possible actions are defined in the CMDB CI Actions [statemgmt_cmdb_actions] table.