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Related Lists of CI components

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Related Lists of CI components

Related Lists in CI records display additional components contained by that CI, such as disk drives on a server and the rules that control the behavior of a network router.

When Discovery runs, the Related List is populated with the components that Discovery finds running on the CI. The CI record might show different lists from scan to scan, depending on whether or not Discovery found the component.

By default, the Related Lists only display those components that are associated with that CI in the CMDB that have been discovered by the last scan. Components that are recorded in the CMDB but are not discovered in a scan, are deemed absent and do not appear in the list.

There are two types of components that appear in the Related List: those that are CIs themselves (such as hard disks), and those that are not (serial numbers and rules). The default filter condition in the breadcrumbs for components that are CIs is [Status] [!=] [Absent]. The filter condition for components that are not CIs is [Absent] [=] [false].

In the following example, the snc-tc01 router has several Related Lists affected by these filter conditions, including routing rules, disk drives, interfaces, and network adapters. Only those components found during the last Discovery appear in these Related Lists.

Figure 1. CI Related Lists
CI Related Lists