Setup and initial configuration

The data collection system is highly configurable, however, the base system is minimally configured for aggregating CMDB health data. Most importantly, the CMDB Health Dashboard jobs are disabled and data is not collected. To display valuable and meaningful data, you should review and adjust settings.

  1. For each metric and sub-metric that you want reported, define rules and fulfil other needed requirements. For example, create rules for evaluating orphan records and recommended fields, if you are interested in these metrics - see CMDB health metrics
  2. Review and adjust the threshold ranges for best, at risk, and critical states for the CMDB health metrics scorecards - see Configure CMDB health scorecard thresholds
  3. Set metric aggregation preferences, deactivate metrics that you are not interested in reporting, and adjust weighted averages of aggregation - see Configure CMDB Health metrics aggregation preferences.
  4. Enable the Health Dashboard jobs for the metrics that you want reported - see Enable and configure a CMDB Health Dashboard job
  5. Customize the CI dashboard