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Legacy: Create a Chef VM template

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Legacy: Create a Chef VM template

Before you begin

Role required: chef_admin


  1. Provision a virtual machine in vCenter with a name that identifies it as a Chef node.
    You can use the ServiceNowsystem to provision the virtual machine, or use vCenter to provision the virtual machine manually.
  2. As described in the Chef documentation, install the Chef client software on the new virtual machine.
  3. Create a user account on the virtual machine with permission to run Chef. There must be a credential record for this user within the ServiceNow system.
  4. In vCenter, mark this virtual machine as an available template.
  5. Discover the template to add it to the list of available virtual machine templates.
    The ServiceNowsystem cannot detect whether the Chef client is included with a template. It is the responsibility of the vCenter administrator to ensure that the template has the Chef client installed.