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Legacy: Puppet activity: Install Module

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Legacy: Puppet activity: Install Module

The Install Module activity installs a module to a Puppet Master or puppet node.

This activity implements the behavior detailed by the puppet-module Install action.

Table 1. Input variables
Field Description
Puppet master The IP address of the Puppet Master or node you want to install the module to. A Puppet Master must have a module before it can push that module to individual puppet nodes.
Module name The name of the module you want to install. Enter module names using the format provider/module name, such as puppetlabs/apache. You can find a list of module names by viewing your module repository.
Version The version of the module you want to install, in the format #.#.#, such as 0.0.3. Leave this field blank to install the latest available version of the module.
Module path The directory path you want to install the module to. This path can be any location on the puppet node.
Module repository The repository that contains the module you want to install. For example, you can access the Puppet Forge repository at
Ignore dependencies Option to have this activity not attempt to install dependencies along with the specified module. For example, when installing the apache package, if you select Ignore Dependencies, ServiceNow does not install the stdlib or firewall package dependencies.
Force Option for overwriting any existing module with the same Module name.