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Legacy: Defining a change manager script

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Legacy: Defining a change manager script

Defining the change manager

  1. Define the script.
  2. Register the script.
  3. Configure the change manager in the Change Manager module.

The change manager is a script that manages changes between the ServiceNow system node definitions or CIs and the definitions on the configuration automation provider server. Use the CfgAutoChangeManager script include as your starting point, and implement the required functions so that they provide the necessary information. Register your script in the Config Automation Provider [config_automation_provider] table.

  1. Navigate to Configuration Automation > Extension > Change Managers.
  2. Click New.
  3. Fill in the fields and then click Submit.
Field Description
Provider Name of the configuration automation provider.
Change Manager Script that defines how to manage the configuration information for this provider. This is the script defined in Defining the Change Manager script.
Table Table that contains the configuration automation information.
Figure 1. Change Manager script include