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Legacy: Change Manager script include

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Legacy: Change Manager script include

The CfgAutoChangeManager script include provides methods for defining a configuration automation change manager.

Implement the methods described here to customize a configuration automation provider or define a new provider.

Where To Use

Use this script include to define a custom configuration automation change manager.

Method Summary

To use this script include, implement the following methods.
Return Type Method Summary Description
boolean isAuthorized(GlideRecord record) Tests if the current user can create or update changes that are associated with the passed record.
boolean isChangeRequired() Tests if change management is required by checking the property for the configuration automation provider.
String getChangeId(GlideRecord current) Returns the change request ID associated with the passed current record. If change management is required, a change record must be associated with the resource to be changed.
void setChangeId(GlideRecord record, String changeId) Associates the passed change request ID with the passed record.
GlideRecord prepare(GlideRecord record) Prepares the upcoming changes. This method is called before the change execution.
void finalizeChange(GlideRecord record) Finishes the change process. This method is called before the change request is closed. Anything that needs to be done before the change request closes goes here.
void getWorkflowVariables(String workflowName, GlideRecord record) Returns the variables that the workflow consumes. Even if you do not need to use a workflow, implement this function and return an "undefined" value.
Object getPushWorkflowName() If a workflow is required by the provider, returns the master workflow name. Even if you do not need to use a workflow, implement this function and return an "undefined" value.
void cleanupAfterCancelChange(GlideRecord record) Cleans up any resource or data when a change is canceled. This method is called after the change request is canceled.