Delete an audit result

While audit results can be deleted, you cannot delete an audit result that has a follow-on task associated with it.

  1. Navigate to one of these modules:
    • Compliance > Desired State > Audit Results
    • Compliance > Architecture Compliance > Audit Results
    • Compliance > Scripted Audits > Audit Results
    The list groups by audit name.
  2. Select the checkbox for a result in the list, and then select Delete from the Actions on selected rows menu at the bottom of the list.
    Note: If the result record has a follow-on task, the Delete option is not available. If you select multiple records, some with and some without tasks, the system only deletes those records that do not have tasks.
    Figure 1. Audit Result Delete List
    Audit result delete list
  3. Click a date/time link to see the results for a specific CI.
    Note: The Delete button only appears on the form if the audit result does not have a follow-on task.
  4. Click Delete.
    Figure 2. Audit Result Delete Available
    Audit Result Delete Available