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Configure search in Service Portal

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Configure search in Service Portal

Add search sources to your portal page to configure search. A search source is a record that describes the behavior and source of some type of data.

The search group defines where search data is retrieved from, how a search entry is templated in the search result page, and whether or not type-ahead functionality is enabled for that search type. Search sources are stored in the sp_search_source table.

Configure search sources in the platform.
  1. Navigate to Service Portal > Portals and select the portal you want to create a search source for.
  2. From the Search Sources related list, click New or Edit to change an existing search source.
  3. Create a name and ID for the search source.
  4. Complete the following fields on the Search Source form:
    Field Description
    Is scripted source Select this option to add an advanced data fetch script. If configuring an instance table as the data source, do not check this option.
    Data fetch script A script defining the endpoint and API calls to fetch external data. This field is only visible when Is scripted source is selected.
    Table Select a table from the list that you want to draw your results from. For example, User [sys_user]. Table queries use the Zing text indexing and search engine.
    Conditions Apply a filter to the table if you don't want all the search results to display. For example, Active is True.
    Primary display field Select which field you want to display in the search results. For example, Name.
    Display fields Select fields that also display in the search results. For example, Email, Department.
  5. To create a typeahead search, select the Typeahead tab.
  6. Make sure Enable typeahead is selected. Add a glyph to appear in the search bar, or a Page. For example, the user glyph, and the Form page.
    Note: The Page field only configures the target page when an element is selected in the typeahead result. To change the link location for the full search results in the results page, edit the anchor HTML href attribute in the template to point to the page you want to navigate to. Only developers with an understanding of HTML scripting should do this advanced configuration.

Scripted sources, and Search Page Templates are advanced search features. Only developers with a scripting knowledge should configure these options. In most cases, this simple configuration should be enough.