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Typeahead search in Service Portal

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Typeahead search in Service Portal

Search Sources in Service Portal have an option for typeahead search. Typeahead has a simple configuration option for administrators or an advanced option for more technical users.

Typeahead is a mechanism that returns search results as a user is typing in a search box in real-time.

Some search scripts may not be fast enough to make typeahead feasible, so you can enable typeahead for some search sources and disable it for others.

Additionally, similar to generating data for search sources, there are two ways to configure typeahead:

  • Simple: Administrators can simply define an icon for typeahead results, which displays next to the primary field defined by the search results. This is the easiest configuration to get immediate typeahead results with little configuration.
  • Advanced: If you need more fine-grain control over the appearance of typeahead results, you can enable advanced configuration of typeahead. Configure the template of the typeahead result in the search page template.