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Hello World widgets

Hello World widgets

The Hello World widgets are included with Service Portal as examples of how to use and create widgets.

All three Hello World widgets display the same way. The real difference between them is in their underlying code base. Each version of the widget uses a different method of using the server and client script.

To view the Hello World widgets, navigate to Service Portal > Service Portal Configuration then click Widget Editor. In the Widget Editor, click Check out the Hello World Example.

Figure 1. Hello World 1
Hello World 1 widget, showing the HTML and client script in the IDE

Hello world 1 displays how the HTML template and the client script communicate. For more information on using the client script in Service Portal, see Widget client script

Use the widget list to switch to Hello World 2 or 3.

Figure 2. Hello World 2

Hello World 2 includes an example of how the server script can be used as well.

Figure 3. Hello World 3

For more information on Service Portal APIs, see the GlideSPScriptable.