Data Table from URL definition widget

The Data Table from URL definition widget displays the table you select from the list.

Figure 1. Data Table from URL definition widget
Data Table list with Incident Fact Table selected)

Instance options

Complete the instance options to define the table.
Field Description
Title The title of the widget. Select the Use Instance Title check box to use this title instead of the name of the table.
Glyph Icon that displays beside the widget title
Bootstrap color Color scheme for the widget. The default colors are defined by the portal theme, but if you want the instance to have a specific color, select the option from the list.
Link to this page Direct users to a specific page when the click a record. By default, clicking an entry in the table opens that entry in a form.
Fields Columns to display in the table. For example, short description or priority.
Use Instance Title Select to use the title in the Title field instead of the table title