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Approvals widget

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Approvals widget

Users can approve or reject items directly within Service Portal.

Note: Service Portal does not currently support Approvals with e-signature.
Figure 1. Approvals widget
Approvals widget

Instance options

Use the instance options to change the appearance of the approvals widget.

Figure 2. Approvals widget instance options
Instance options for the approvals widget, which include the bootstrap color, glyph, and max number of elements shown in the list fields
Table 1. Approvals widget instance options
Field Description
Bootstrap color Color scheme for the widget. The default colors are defined by the portal theme, but if you want the instance to have a specific color, select the option from the list.
Glyph Add an icon to display beside the widget name.
Buttons stacked side by side If this check box is selected, the Approve and Reject buttons appear horizontally beside each other. If this check box is cleared, the Approve and Reject buttons appear stacked vertically.