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NotifyAction - addSay()

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NotifyAction - addSay()

Use text-to-speech to read text on the call.

Multiple languages are supported with text-to-speech. Available languages depend on the telephony provider.

Table 1. Parameters
Name Type Description
Table 2. Returns
Type Description
SayAction The action added to the NotifyAction object. Use the SayAction object to define the text and language to read.

This example demonstrates reading text in several languages.

// instantiate NotifyAction
var notifyAction = new SNC.NotifyAction();

// add a say action to say something in US English
var usSay = notifyAction.addSay();
usSay.setText('Welcome. I can speak english');

// add a say action to say something in Dutch
var nlSay = notifyAction.addSay();
nlSay.setText('Ik spreek ook vloeiend nederlands');

// and german
var deSay = notifyAction.addSay();
deSay.setText('Und ich kan auch deutsch sprechen');