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Prepare a subflow

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Prepare a subflow

This example describes the process of preparing a subflow for use in a parent workflow.

  1. In the editor, open and check out the workflow that you want to use as a subflow.
  2. In the title bar, click the menu icon and select Edit Inputs.
    Editing workflow inputs
  3. In the Workflow Inputs window, click New in the Variables list.
  4. Add a new variable depending on the type of values that it is going to store.
    The following example sets up a string value.
    Adding new variables
  5. Click Submit.
  6. Close the Workflows Inputs dialog.
  7. Create a Run Script activity on the subflow.
    • Set the value from the parameter to a field on the current form. This is important because the Notification activity can only pull values from the current variable and not from the newly added variable. The following example sets the value in the Description field.

      current.description = workflow.inputs.bluesubvariable;

    • Create a new field on the request form but do not display the field. This serves as temporary storage.
      Create a script to set the parameter value
  8. Create a Notification activity on the subflow. Use ${description} in the subject to return the value from the field.
    Setting up the notification to return a value
    This is what the subflow would look like:
    Completed subflow

Prepare a workflow to use a subflow

After you create a subflow, use this procedure to prepare the parent workflow.

  1. On the parent workflow, create a variable similar to what you did on the subflow, but name it something different.

    In the following example, the variable is named Blue Main Variable.

    Creating input variables for the workflow
  2. Click Submit.
  3. Insert a Run Script activity to return the value from a field to the newly created variable.

    In this example, the value of the Short Description field is returned and given to the newly created variable.

    workflow.scratchpad.bluemainvariable = current.short_description;

    Run script activity properties
  4. Click Submit.
  5. In the subflow activity, set the Blue Sub Variable to pass the bluemainvariable to the bluesubvariable.


    This is what the main workflow looks like:
    Completed sample workflow with a subflow