Completed subflow values in scripts

The Parallel Flow Launcher activity exposes additional variables you can use in scripts.

Table 1. Additional variables
Variable Description
coordinator The WorkflowCoordinator used when running the subflows. You can use this variable in the Finished script to perform any final operations. Additionally, you can use the WorkflowCoordinator in a later workflow activity by passing the activity name or sys_id to the WorkflowCoordinator.load('<Activity>') function. For example, to load the WorkflowCoordinator object from a Parallel Flow Launcher activity called Launch Subflows, enter var coord = WorkflowCoordinator.load('Launch Subflows'); in a later activity.
flow The subflow launched by the activity that completed most recently. You can use this variable in the Flow complete script to perform any post-processing operations on each subflow. To get a complete subflow from a coordinator object, use var flow = coord.getFlow(I); where I is the numeric index of the subflow based on the order it was launched.
These values are available from the completed subflow:
  • index: the numerical index of this subflow based on the order it was launched
  • workflow: the sys_id or name, depending on which you passed to the WorkflowCoordinator constructor, of the workflow used for this subflow
  • inputs: any input values provided to the launched subflow
  • status: status of the subflow context
  • output: the value returned by the subflow
  • contextId: the sys_id of the workflow context for the subflow