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Configure the survey

Configure the survey

How to configure the survey.

  1. Navigate to Survey Wizards > Survey Properties.

  2. Ensure the Enable the enhanced task survey capabilities. Survey distribution is controlled by Survey Conditions. property is enabled (select the check box).

  3. Navigate to Survey Wizards > Survey Conditions.

  4. Click New.

  5. Enter the condition details and click Submit.

    Table 1. Condition details
    TypeSurvey Wizard
    Survey wizardSoftware Needs Analysis
    Activeselect the check box
    User fieldCaller
    DescriptionSend software survey to all users with software questions
    ConditionCategory is Software

  6. Navigate to System Policy > Email > Notifications.

  7. Click New.

  8. Enter the email notification details and click Submit.

    Table 2. Email notification details
    NameSoftware Survey
    Event Nametask.send_survey
    User fieldevent.parm1
    Activeselect the check box
    ConditionsCategory is Software
    SubjectPlease take the software survey (Incident ${number})
    MessagePlease complete this survey to help us evaluate our ongoing software needs. <a href =${event.parm2}>Click here to take the survey.</a>

  9. Filter the Email Notifications list using the condition: Event Name is task.send_survey and Table is Incident.

  10. If any other notifications exist, increase their Weight value so that only the Software Survey is sent when the incident category is software (the Software Survey has a Weight of 0, so it has the highest priority of any notifications for the incident table).

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