Mobile UI

Access an instance using a mobile browser or the native mobile app on an iOS, Android, or tablet device.

The mobile UI is consistent across most platforms with a few minor differences depending on the browser or the device. Mobile themes and mobile home pages are both configurable by administrators. Any configuration changes apply to both the native app and the mobile web on a smartphone. The tablet browser interface mimics the standard browser interface, so theme changes don't apply to the tablet browser.

Administrators can configure home pages by role so different users may see different mobile experiences depending on their role.

Certain features are specific to the native mobile app. For example, location, which is included as a default module, is only available in the app. Topics that are specific to the mobile app are included in the mobile app section.

For more information on which features are unavailable on the mobile web, see Mobile web unsupported features.

For more information on limited or unavailable features on the tablet web, see Limited or unsupported features for the tablet.