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The unique record identifier (sys_id)

The unique record identifier (sys_id)

Each record in the instance is identified by a unique 32-character GUID (Globally Unique ID) called a Sys ID (sys_id).

The same sys_id value will never be generated twice, ensuring every record created in every table in every instance in the world has a unique identifying value.

If two records have the same sys_id value, then one was copied to the other at the database level outside of the ServiceNow application. When created within the application, sys_id values are unique. The ServiceNow application and database should manage all operations on sys_id values. Typical end users do not see a record's sys_id and database administrators rarely use sys_id values.

Note: A sys_id of -1 is the sys_id of a new record. Once the record is inserted, it will be given a new sys_id.