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Monitor how resources are allocated to subscriptions

Monitor how resources are allocated to subscriptions

Use the Subscription Overview module to monitor how users and resources are allocated to subscriptions.

Before you begin

Role required: usage_admin or admin

About this task

The system displays one chart for each subscription. Use the reports to perform the following actions:
  • Monitor how resources (for example, discovered nodes or password reset requests) use Capacity subscriptions.
  • Plan and budget for upcoming or future subscription needs.
  • Assess whether you have allocated too many fulfiller users to a Per-User subscription. You might deallocate some users or purchase a subscription for more users.
  • Assess whether you have allocated too few fulfiller users to a Per-User subscription. You might allocate more users.
  • Determine whether users who are not subscribed are accessing a subscription application.


Navigate to Subscription Management > Subscription Overview to view the following data:
The Expired Subscriptions report lists all subscriptions where the service contract term has expired (the end date has passed). You should assess whether to renew any subscription that has expired.
Each Subscription Metrics chart displays the following data for a single subscription (one month of data is required before the report appears):
  • Purchased: The number of resources purchased for the subscription
  • Allocated: The average number of users for the month who have been allocated to the subscription
  • Non-subscribed users: The average number of individual users who performed fulfiller actions in the associated applications without being subscribed to the applications. Click a data point to view the application.

In this example, the organization updated the purchased subscription from 15 to 20 users in November 2015. Over the course of April 2016, the usage admin had allocated an average of about 19 users. In addition, one user who was not subscribed performed fulfiller actions in an application associated with the subscription.

Subscription Metrics chart for the ITSA Fulfillers subscription