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Subscription form

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Subscription form

Use the Subscription form to view the list of applications that are associated with the subscription and to view or update how resources are allocated to a subscription.

In any list of subscriptions, click a subscription Name to open the Subscription form.
Table 1. Fields on the Subscription form
Name [Read-only] One of the following values:
  • For Per-User, Max User, PA Indicator, and Unlimited subscriptions: Name of the subscription that your organization purchased.
  • For Capacity subscriptions: Name of the product, standard offering, option, or add-on that your organization purchased.
Type [Read-only] Type of subscription: Per-User, Max User, PA Indicator, Capacity, or Unlimited.
Category [Read-only] The source of the purchased subscription: ServiceNowor ServiceNow Store.
Start date / End date [Read-only] Start and end of the subscription period as agreed in your service contract. This information appears in the General section of the service contract for the subscription.
Purchased [Read-only] Number of users or other resources that can be subscribed.
Allocated Number of currently subscribed users or allocated resources for the subscription.

The color codes indicate the percentage of the subscription that has been used.

Limit to purchased Select the check box to ensure that you do not exceed the purchased subscription limit while attempting to allocate users.

If allocating a user would exceed the subscription limit and the Limit to purchased option is selected for the subscription, the user is not subscribed and is instead set to Pending status.

Auto-sync with user sets Select the check box to check all associated user sets for updates regularly (added or removed users) based on the user set membership settings and then update subscription allocation accordingly.

If adding a user would exceed the subscription limit, then the following action occur:

  • The user is not subscribed
  • The user is set to Pending status
  • The user is listed on the Pending Users related list
Display only [read-only] A value of true indicates that user allocation or monitoring is not currently supported for the subscription.
Table 2. Related lists on the Subscription form
Subscription Applications Applications or suites that are associated with the subscription. The users that you allocate to the subscription are subscribed to the listed applications. To view the list of plugins that are associated with an application, click the application Name.
Subscribed Users This list of users that are subscribed to the applications is populated only for Per-User subscriptions.

The users were allocated o the subscription individually and/or are members of user sets that were added to the subscription.

User Sets User sets that were added to the subscription.
Excluded Users Excluded users cannot be allocated to the subscription.