Subscription Management

You use the ServiceNow® Subscription Management application to review and manage how purchased subscriptions are used on your production instance. You can monitor usage to update subscription levels and to make informed decisions about subscription purchases.

Note: Subscription Management is not supported on the ServiceNow Express platform. Subscription Management is active for all other instances and is enabled by default. Subscription Management monitors purchased subscriptions on production instances only.

What is a subscription?

Many ServiceNow applications are subscription applications—only subscribed users or resources should use a subscription application.

  • Your organization has purchased a subscription to an application or suite. The subscription entitles an agreed-upon number of users or resources in your organization to use the application.
  • An application that requires users or resources to be subscribed is called a subscription application.
  • For Per-User type subscriptions, you allocate a user to the subscription. As a result, the user is subscribed to the application or suite.
  • For other subscription types, the instance auto-allocates users or resources to the subscription.

How do you use Subscription Management?

In contrast to companies that sell software licenses, ServiceNow sells subscription services. For your organization to comply with its service contract, only users that you allocate to a subscription should use the application. The usage admin uses Subscription Management to:
  • Receive and view subscriptions.
  • Allocate users to each of the Per-User subscriptions.
  • Monitor and adjust allocation levels.
  • Plan for renewing subscriptions.
  • Review the subscriptions that your organization has purchased.
See Types of subscriptions.

First: Assign the Usage Admins

Before you do anything else, assign the usage_admin role to the persons who will manage subscriptions for your organization.

Next: Allocate users to your Per-User subscriptions

If your organization has purchased Per-User type subscriptions, the usage admin must perform the following tasks:
  • Allocate users to appropriate subscriptions.
  • Monitor whether you have allocated the right number of users.
  • Ensure that only subscribed users are using subscription applications.
See View your subscription applications and allocation levels and Overview: Allocate users to a Per-User subscription.