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Field controls

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Field controls

You can define controls for individual fields that are enforced when a record transitions between states.

Settings in the Field Controls section of the State Flow form enable you to apply field controls when the system detects a specified state transition or when the end state is the current state when the form is opened. The control is applied only to existing fields on the form. State flows cannot add fields to the form.

For example, you might want the Problem field to be visible when an incident moves to the Awaiting Problem state. If the incident state changes to Awaiting User Info, you hide the Problem field and make the Caller field mandatory.

Configure state flow records with an ending state only and create the correct behavior for every ending state you want to control. This ensures that the field controls are set properly when the user selects a new state, and also when the user returns a record's State field to the original state. Only specify a full state transition, with both a starting and ending state, when you want a particular behavior for that precise state transition.
Note: State flows use client scripts to enforce field controls. It is possible that your settings can be changed by existing UI policies, which execute after client scripts.
The system creates the following objects as needed to enforce field properties in state flows:
Table 1. Field Controls
Type Name Description
Business rule State Flow Notes for <table name> Enforces mandatory fields for the table on which that field behavior is defined.
Client script (onLoad) <table name> state flow Sets possible states and initial mandatory, read-only, and visible properties when a record is loaded.
Client script (onChange) <table name> change state flow Sets updated mandatory, read-only, and visible properties when a record is changed.