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Approve with a process guide

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Approve with a process guide

Process guides work similarly to approval rules in that their execution is controlled via a condition.

About this task

The default version of approval tasks allows you to specify that the approval in question be approved by:
  1. One or more specific people
  2. One or more groups of people
You can optionally use Process Guides instead of approval tasks. Process guides are more flexible in that they allow for:
  1. "Any of" or "All of" approvals
  2. Sequenced approvals

You can link a process guide to an execution task.


  1. From the left navigation pane, select System Policy > Process Guides.
  2. Create a new guide.
  3. Set the table to Catalog task.
  4. Fill in a condition under which this guide should attach.
    Example #1: Apply to all "Capacity Review" tasks.
    Example #2: Apply to all "Capacity Review" tasks where the requester is in Atlanta.
    Capacity Atlanta
    Process guide tips and tricks:
    1. All catalog tasks are generated when a request is first submitted, but tasks which are not active yet have a state of "pending." So if you do not want to send out approval requests until a task has started, add "state=open" as part of your condition.
    2. There is a "Default" process guide in the system for catalog tasks with a sequence number of 10,000. It behaves the same way the old, pre-process guide code did regarding approvals. Approvals are based on the execution of task-related lists.