Create a system properties module

You can add a module in the application navigator to access the list of system properties. This module makes it easy to add properties to the System Properties table.

  1. Navigate to System Definition > Application Menus.
  2. Search for the application you want to add the properties table to, for example System Properties. Select an application that is restricted to the admin role so that non-admin users cannot access it.
  3. From the Modules related list, click New.
  4. Complete the form fields.
    Field Description
    Title Defines the module name. For example, All Properties.
    Application Menu Specifies the name of the application menu the module appears under. This field should automatically be populated with the name of the application you accessed the Modules related list from.
    Link type Specifies the type of link this modules opens. For a list of system properties, select List of Records.
    Table Specifies the table used by the module. Select System Properties [sys_properties].
  5. Submit the form.
  6. Verify that the module was created. For example, navigate to System Properties > All Properties.